Q: “Why is there still lack of experts and resources when it comes to fighting botnets?” – Akshay Awasthi question for paper on botnets

A: The roots of inaction in cyberdefense against botnets are fundamental problems we face in the field of information assurance (IA).

One of the key problems is that there is no comprehensive source of statistical information about cybercrime and other IA problems.

Another issue is that lack of awareness allows too many people and organizations to fail to maintain – or even to install – adequate antimalware and security-monitoring software or hardware. For example, a 2013 report suggested that about 24% of personal computers worldwide lack security software.4 The failure to take even the most elementary measures for cyberdefense suggests that there is a massive problem of awareness.

Awareness involves three elements: belief, attitude and behavior. It may be that many people worldwide believe that there is no threat to their systems; the classic belief is “Oh, no one would bother with my little computer.” The attitude is thus dismissive: “It’s not important.” The behavior is the refusal to install and maintain even free security software.

In the corporate world, failure to maintain an adequate IA program is increasingly resulting in serious consequences for negligent officials. For example, a 2015 report listed specific examples of security failures in US government organizations that resulted in dismissal of responsible officials.5 On the other hand, financial analysis suggests that some commercial entities choose to ignore IA because they don’t cost much.6

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