CND Overview

Welcome to the Computer Network Defense Overview.

This course is brought to you by the Defense Information Systems Agency.

Gathering, exploiting, and protecting information has always been critical to performing command, control, communications, and intelligence operations. Advances in technology have brought about increased access to information. This has led to improvements in the speed and accuracy of prioritizing and transferring information. While threats to our networks can never be completely eliminated, new technology promises to mitigate their impact.

Computer Network Defense and Information Assurance are keys to ensuring our information and information systems are protected and defended from adversaries and enhance our command and control capability.

Computer Network Defense is the mission to defend computer systems and networks from unauthorized activity and other activities that may degrade mission performance or adversely impact survivability.

In this course, you will become familiar with the purposes and roles played in the protection of critical information by:

This overview will familiarize you with the:

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