The courses in this list were delivered to students at Norwich University. Old courses that haven't been given in years and old versions of courses are not included.

CJ341 / IA241 Cyberlaw & Cybercrime

This course looks at crime involving computers and networks.  Emphasis is on the legal and forensic aspects of cybercrime.

CS120 Business Applications & Problem Solving

An introductory course in management information processing. The course explores the most important aspects of information systems with specific emphasis on business applications, practical usage, and current information. The student will obtain skills in word processing, spreadsheet analysis, and presentation tools using professional software packages. Structured problem-solving techniques will be emphasized throughout the course. Practical implementation projects and case studies will be used to reinforce topics such as computer, academic, and professional ethics for an information-based society. Not open to CS or CSIA majors.

CS212 Assembly Language & Reverse Engineering

An introduction to assembly lanuage and reverse engineering, including relationship among machine language, assemblers, disassemblers, compilers, and interpreters. This courses provides requisite skills for computer forensics, malware analysis, and cryptology. Prerequisites: 'C' or higher in IS 131 or CS 140.

CS240 Database Management

A study of the concepts and structures necessary to design and implement a database management system. Various data models will be examined and related to specific examples of database management systems including Structured Query Language (SQL). Techniques of system design, system implementation, data security, performance, and usability will be examined. Prerequisite: C or higher in IS131 or CS140.

CS301 Software Engineering

This course presents a broad perspective on software engineering through the entire system development life cycle with special emphasis on systems requirements analysis and specifications, design, implementation, and testing of information systems. Design considerations include distributed systems, object-oriented design, real-time systems, and user interface optimization. Professional ethics and emergent system properties such as system reliability, security, maintainability and evolution are also discussed throughout the course.

IA340 Introduction to Information Security Assurance

This course is an overview of all aspects of information security today, including fundamental concepts and definitions, cybercrime techniques, malicious software, human factors, physical security, network and communications security, cryptography, law and policy and information warfare.

IA342 Management of Information Assurance

This course examines management aspects of information assurance, including standards for security products, policy guidelines, security awareness, ethical decision-making, employment practices and policies, operations security and production controls, e-mail and Internet use policies, working with law enforcement, using social psychology to implement security policies, and auditing computer security. The course includes sections on detection of security breaches, methods of remediation such as computer emergency quick-response teams, backups and archives, business continuity planning, disaster recovery planning and insurance. Students examine fundamentals of management responsibilities and liabilities and risk assessment methodologies. The course ends with a review of current hot topics in the field such as medical records securitiy, censorship, privacy, and anonymity.

CS407 Politics of Cyberspace

This course examines highly controversial subjects involving cyberspace such as government actions, legal theory, ethical judgements, international relations, and economic analysis with reference not only to historical developments of the last several decades but also to recent news reports.

IA455 Contemporary Topics in Information Assurance

Selected topics in IA to bring senior students up to professional standards of familiarity with information-security resources, professional standards of behavior, and current topics of interest in the field.

IS455 Strategic Applications of Information Technology

This course integrates information technology and management topics such as the role of IT in strategic planning, operations management, competitive advantage, customer- and supply-chain management, international business, reliability and security, and outsourcing.

QM213 Business & Economic Statistics I

A course emphasizing the development and presentation of statistical data for business and economic decision]making. Topics will include fundamentals of measurement and counting, practical guidelines for graphical representation, use of statistical functions and graphics in MS-EXCEL measures of central tendancy and of dispersion, sampling distributions, statistical inference procedures, confidence limits, one-way ANOVA, goodness of fit, tests of independence, parametric correlation, and simple linear regression .

MSIA -- Master of Science in Information Assurance

The materials in this section are my original narrated PowerPoint files for management topics. In addition, I've inserted some non-narrated compilations that may be useful. See the link above for details.


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