M. E. Kabay, PhD

Consultant in operations and security management

Former Professor of Computer Information Systems,
School of Cybersecurity, Data Science & Computing,
College of Professional Schools,
Norwich University

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ONLY telephone number: +1.802.479.7937

Call any time: you won't be disturbing me. After about 20:00, I just shut off the ringer and the calls go to voicemail.

FaceBook Messenger*: Mich Kabay
Skype*: mekabay

* Note to spimmers: I never accept Messenger or Skype links from strangers, including supposedly gorgeous Rumanian 22-year-old busty women incomprehensibly claiming to be attracted to an elderly bald guy and who are actually 45-year-old overweight male half-drunk former prison inmates in Modesto California, Kiev, Ukraine or Mumbai India hoping to scam their victims into giving them money.

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My Facebook public page has lots of news items with hashtags for course materials, left-wing politics, science topics, antiracism, feminism, cartoons, pictures of cute critters and puns. You don't have to "friend" me to see the content but you do if you want to comment. Trolls and other rude people are blocked..

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Preferred mode of communications for professional correspondence

mekabay "curly-a-you-wretched-spammer-filth" gmail "parse-this-little-round-black-thing-you-scum-suckers" com

** Insults and circumlocutions inserted to reduce harvesting by spammers' stupid Web crawlers; alas, the smart crawlers already know how to ignore this kind of stuff. Fun, though!

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M. E. Kabay
255 Flood Road
Barre, VT 05641-4060


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