Operations Management and Operations Security (OPSEC)

This section includes papers of general interest in computer systems operations management, including some older papers from the 1980s that were written with office automation as their focus. Newer items also include OPSEC topics such as preventing data aggregation from open sources and other COINTEL (counterintelligence) techniques.


Computer Envy: Essays on Office Automation     HTML     PDF

Some later papers that are on this Web site and even in the CSH4 text originated in simpler form in the work originally printed in these little articles from INTERACT Magazine published by Interex, the International HP Users' Association and in Computing Canada

Continuity-of-Operations Matrix     XLSX 

Here's a Continuity-of-Operations Matrix you can use to see WHO can do WHAT with degrees of facility. Helpful in ensuring that you keep track of people & their abilities and are not dependent on a single person for a critical function. Labels are just for illustration -- you have to fill in your own functions and people.

Documentation for Less Work:Will this Have to be Done Again?     HTML      PDF

Thoughts on keeping records of our work.

Facilities Management in the Age of Information Warfare     HTML     PDF

An introduction to information warfare issues for Facilities Management Magazine.

Facilities Security     HTML     PDF

In this white paper, I hope you will find useful information on how physical security can support the security needs of network operations centers (NOCs) and data centers (DCs). In many of my consulting assignments doing enterprise security reviews, I have seen serious physical security problems; I hope that this overview will help fill in some of the missing information. Updated January 2008.

High-Pressure Scam     HTML     PDF

A little piece about creeps who bully employees into paying for junk.

Operational Analysis     HTML     PDF

About a hundred pages of an anonymized operational analysis of a government agency in 1989..

Review of Visible Ops Security     HTML     PDF

Review of the excellent publication Visible Ops Security: Achieving Common Security and IT Operations Objectives in 4 Practical Steps by Gene Kim, Paul Love and George Spafford (2008) from the IT Process Institute. This review is an edited compilation of the individual parts I originally published in the Network World Security Strategies newsletter in November 2008.

Staffing the Data Center     HTML     PDF

Early thoughts (1995) on choosing employees.

System Logging     HTML     PDF

Written for the MSIA 2.0 program's Seminar 1, Week 6, this commentary, subtitled "I'm a Lumberjack and I'm OK: System Logging," is not a Monty Python skit.

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