Papers discussing ethical principles applied to the use of computers and communications technology.


15+ Unobvious Consequences of Plagiarism in Academia

Link contributed by Alisa Bagrii.

Anarchy and the Internet  HTML     PDF

Correspondence with someone whose insistence on freedom and anarchy on the 'Net changed when his ideology was applied to his own information.

Bits of Morality  PPT     PDF

Powerpoint file with overview of computer crime and ethical issues for teachers and students. PDF has a brief description of the contents.

College Guide to Preventing Plagiarism

Excellent overview. With thanks to Alice Davies of Maryville University Online.

Full Disclosure  HTML     PDF

Should vulnerabilities be disclosed to the public or discussed first with vendors?

Hackers are Enemies  HTML     PDF

Don't believe people who make unauthorized access into a game.

Ignorance or Lies     PDF

Challenging a famous hacker about the effects of intrusion.

Making Ethical Decisions  HTML      PDF

How do adults and children learn to figure out what makes ethical sense when confronted with complicated questions?  This primer teaches people simple principles for thinking about ethics.

Making Ethical Decisions:
Discussions for Children and Caregivers   HTML      PDF

Exercises for children's discussions with parents, teachers and other caregivers.

Napster Cantata   HTML      PDF

Wondering if you are doing the right thing by making copies of CDs, records and DVDs?  Here's some straight talk about intellectual property theft.

On Our Jewish Values      HTML     PDF

Our beloved Rabbi asked us to comment on our hopes and values. Here's our answer from April 2023.

Plagiarism On Campus

Resources to Help Detect, Prevent and Avoid Classroom Plagiarism for Teachers and Students. Link contributed by Ryan Kelly

Questions for Parents and Children   HTML      PDF

Rather than trying to force rigid rules devoid of reason on young people, perhaps parents can think about the issue and engage in constructive dialog with their own children to build a shared moral framework. These questions may also be useful in classroom discussion. Parents, teachers, and students should feel free to use and adapt them to their own purposes.

Seven Reasons Not to Steal Software, Music, Games, or Videos  HTML      PDF

Classic excuses for theft often used by thieves and some snappy (actually, pretty offensive) responses to shock kids out of their happy acceptance of criminal propaganda. This is not your usual namby-pamby adult-to-child condescension: it's a slap in the face.

Student Activism in School: Getting Your Voice Heard

Link contributed by Kate Mitchell. Tools for supporting diversity & anti-racism, environmentalism & sustainability, LGBTQ & gender equality, politics & government, sexual health & safety, and social-justice movements.

Totem and Taboo in Cyberspace:  Integrating Technology into our Moral Universe  HTML      PDF

This is a more serious paper for adults (although kids are welcome to read it too) explaining the importance of establishing normative values to govern the use of computers and communication technology.

Why Kids Shouldn't Be Criminal Hackers  HTML     PDF

For children, teachers and parents who are interested in understanding how criminal hackers are lying to kids by claiming their illegal activities are harmless.



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