This project started in 1995 when I was asked to prepare an update for graduates of the information security courses I taught at the Institute for Government Informatics Professionals under the aegis of the University of Ottawa.  Since 1997, I have been keeping a database of interesting or significant events in INFOSEC. I create or use (with permission) an abstract of the issue, add keywords, classify the case according to a typology that has been evolving over the years and then publish a report every year to help anyone interested in locating key developments across the field of information security. These documents are especially helpful to teachers and writers who need examples for courses, textbooks or articles. It is not necessary to ask for permission to use these documents, although a pointer to this page may be useful to others and everyone should be careful to provide appropriate references when quoting text.*

The database of abstracts starting from 1997 is available as an MS-Access 2000 .MDB file in compressed form as a WinZIP file. The Aggregate Report starts with 1997 and goes up to the middle or end of the most recent year covered.

The reports are available in Acrobat PDF. The codes file shows how the incidents are organized.

Starting in 2004, a team of students began helping me with the data collection with research funds drawn from the MSIA program. Some volunteers from the MSIA alumni joined the team in 2005. These helpful people are acknowledged in the appropriate reports.

I suspended the project in June 2006. Any organization wishing to have a current version of the review should contact me.



Research assistants will find the blank database files needed to start work on the project in the top part of the page.

* A standard form of reference to the entire compilation would be
Kabay, M. E. (year). INFOSEC Year in Review. {Record number #, Page #}, <URL>

** Reason: I change these files frequently to correct errors or add new materials and do NOT want to have to track down multiple copies.



Job Description (PDF)      Sample Input File and Output for Database (PDF)

Current Classification Codes ONLY (PDF)

Blank IYIR databases for data collection (Access versions):      2002      2000      97


(~3 MB each or less)

2005     2004     2003     2002     2001     2000     1999     1998     1997     1996     1995


1997-2006.06 (14 MB)



in Access 2002 format
IYIR_1997_2006.MDB (14 MB)
IYIR_1997_2006.ZIP (4 MB)

in Access 2000 format
IYIR_1997_2006_v2000.MDB (14 MB)
IYIR_1997_2006_v2000.ZIP (4 MB)




2006 Data only

in Access 2002 Database
IYIR_2006_01-06.MDB (3 MB)
IYIR_2006_01-06.ZIP (1 MB)

in Access 2000 Database
IYIR_2006_01-06_v2000.MDB (3 MB)
IYIR_2006_01-06_v2000.ZIP (1 MB)


2005 Data only

in Access 2002 Database
IYIR_2005.MDB (3 MB)
IYIR_2005.ZIP (1 MB)

in Access 2000 Database
IYIR_2005_v2000.MDB (3 MB)
IYIR_2005_v2000.ZIP (1 MB)


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