CS100 Foundations of Computer Science & Information Assurance
Fall 2015

TR 10:50:03 - 12:04:57 in U295

This survey of computing and information assurance fundamentals is required for computer science and information assurance majors. The course focuses on learning to use key concepts and terminology in information technology, computer science, networking, and information security. Discussions regarding computing ethics, safety, and professionalism are included throughout. Prerequisites: By permission only for non-computer science and non-CSIA majors.



Course description -- detailed assignments, grading, standards, requirements, policies, rewards, penalties, and also the Secret of Life, the Universe and Everything.

Syllabus/schedule -- PDF file with day-by-day listing of every required reading, quiz, exam, and deadline.

Review Questions -- PDF file with questions to encourage review for students taking the CS100 Waiver Exams.

Computer Desktop Encyclopedia -- free, valuable, constantly upated.
See sample page here.



For additional useful tips and tricks, click on the Methods link: see

Computer-Aided Thematic Analysis -- how to organize reference material

Frequently Corrected Errors  -- checklist for avoid grammatical and usage errors in your technical writing

On Writing -- advice on style and methods in preparing term papers including notes on using references

SQ3R  -- Survey/Question/Read/Recite/Review -- effective studying     

Tips for Using Word 2007
-- Using Word 2007 or Word 2010 effectively, including especially using heading styles, generating table of contents automatically, using the reference database, inserting footnotes and references, and generating list of Works Cited automatically.

Tracking Changes in MS-Word 2003 (PPT) -- handling suggestions about your drafts from your instructors


From Matt Davis at Computer Science Online:

* Becoming a Programmer - Resources and Advice to a Successful Career: http://www.computerscienceonline.org/cutting-edge/c-sharp/

* Learning Java: Online Computer Science Opportunities:http://www.computerscienceonline.org/cutting-edge/java/

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