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FALL 2017 NU COURSE LINKS (pages being updated now):  

   CS407 Politics of Cyberspace

   IA340 Introduction to Information Assurance

   IA455 Contemporary Topics in Information Assurance

   QM213DL Business and Economic Statistics I (online course)



Sep 2017: Added links to Cyberdegrees.org resources in IA Education in a {Rec,Depr}ession        PDF        HTML

Aug 2017: Converting firstname & lastname to < lastname, firstname >      XLSX

Aug 2017: How Telcos Can Stop Caller-ID Spoofing in Robocalls

July 2017: Net Neutrality banner added to home page

Mar 2017: The Pillars of APT Defense      PPTX     PDF

Mar 2017: Heuristic Analysis of Test Questions    XLSX

Feb 2017: Michael Moore's Easy-to-Follow 10-Point Plan to Stop Trump.       PDF        HTML

Jan 2017: Recipe for the 2017 Inauguration

Dec 2016: Complete index of Computer Security Handbook (CSH6) slides available

Nov 2016: Schedules posted for student presentations: everyone welcome to attend!

Oct 2016: Frequently Corrected Errors (guide for checking technical writing) updated to v27.


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