Specializing in Applied Statistics, Information Assurance and Operations Management.

Professor of Computer Information Systems | BSCSIA Program
School of Business and Management | College of Professional Schools | Norwich University


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Facebook updates daily: links topical articles with hashtags (e.g., #cj241nu, #ia340nu, #politicsmk, etc.); includes commentary, photos, videos. I absolutely do not tell people what I ate for lunch or what kind of toilet paper I use! Look for "Mich Kabay" on Facebook and, if you wish, "follow" the page. You don't have to be my friend but are welcome to friend me if you wish. I generally avoid following the pages of students so that I avoid invading their privacy.

Aug 2016: CS407 Reference Materials updated -- 917 links verified (!)

Aug 2016: Pew Research Survey 2016-08-01

Aug 2016: Anti-Fraud Resources Contributed by The OpenEducators Organization

Jul 2016: Practical Cyber-Safety Tips

Apr 2016: How to Find Courses That Have Already Been Approved For Transfer Into Norwich

Mar 2016: INFOWAR: Introduction to Cyberwarfare -- March 2016 -- delivered to Vermont National Guard.     PPTX     PDF

Feb 2016: Frequently Corrected Errors (guide for checking technical writing) updated to v26.

Jan 2016: Using Email Safely and Well v10

Jan 2016: Model Paper -- Gary Tagg's excellent 6,000 word chapter on Insider Crime from the CSH6 serves as a superb model for students to study as they prepare their own "term papers" or "project reports."

Jan 2016: Tips for Using MS-PowerPoint Effectively v10 (almost doubled in size from previous version)     PPTX     PDF

Jan 2016: Tips for Using WORD Effectively v10

Jan 2016: Organizing and Safeguarding Information on Disk updated for Windows 10.

Jan 2016: Anti-Bigotry Tirade (Challenging anti-Muslim bigotry)

Sep 2015: Converting Percentages to Letter Grades

Sep 2015: Religious Freedom? [Warning: viciously attacks homophobic bigots]

Jul 2015: MSIA Review Course (funny)         PPT         PDF

May 2015: Inserted barrier page with warnings about potentially offensive opinions as response to religious student's complaint about getting free statistics textbook on a Website containing opinions of which he disapproved. [#%()%$!]

Apr 2015: Free applied statistics textbook updated for QM213 students and anyone else interested in learning basic statistics (PDF). Includes useful stuff about Word and Excel techniques.


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