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Welcome to My Web Site:
Narrated Powerpoint lecture prepared for Federal Information Systems Security Educators' Association Conference in March 2005. Reviews contents of all the sections of this site. See Courses/Industry section or click on these links for ZIP (24 MB), PPS (39 MB) and PDF (2 MB, no narration) files.

Looking for a specific file? The Cyclical Keyword Index has all the titles permuted by keyword along with their URLs; thus "Cyclical Keyword Index" would be included in that form and also as "Keyword Index, Cyclical" and "Index, Cyclical Keyword." Also available in PDF.


This section includes industry courses and course materials for Norwich University students.  Most course materials are available in HTML and Acrobat PDF formats. All students, teachers and others are welcome to use these course materials for free (but not for paid) industry or internal courses and lectures or for applications in colleges and universities. 

CV: Curriculum Vitae

Lists background/career information, publications and courses and lectures delivered over the years.


Short articles designed for non-technical readers.  Each of these one-page sheets explains specific dangers from use of computers and telecommunications and provides recommendations and suggestions for further readings.  Suitable for any adult and in particular, for parents and teachers. Includes a PDF file for the 80 page book Cyber-Safety for Everyone: from Kids to Elders.


Articles discussing ethical decision-making, criminal hacking and why kids should be persuaded not to do bad stuff with their computers.

Security Management

Articles for managers who need to understand the reasons for caring about security, the fundamentals of information security, how to develop and implement sound security policies.

INFOSEC Year in Review

Information Security Year in Review reports from 1995 through the present.  This publication summarizes key developments in INFOSEC throughout the year using a classification that has been evolving since 1994. Now contains full MS-Access database of abstracts.


Papers on managing information in disk, Computer-Aided Thematic Analysis™ (CATA™) and applying statistical principles to computer crime information.

Network World Archives 

Since February 2000, I have published two short articles a week in the free e-mail & Web-based Security Strategies Newsletter published by Network World. This directory provides access to the original versions as PDF files plus a PDX index for rapid search.

OPS Management

Articles on office automation and operations management topics.


Uncensored commentary, rants, political opinions, and so on. Keep out if you have dangerously high blood pressure.


Various White Papers covering divers aspects of information technology and information security.



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