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Welcome to My Web Site     PPT (41 MB)     PDF (5 MB, no narration) -- March 2005 -- A narrated PowerPoint lecture prepared for the Federal Information Systems Security Educators' Association (FISSEA) meeting in March 2005. I was too sick to attend, so I scraped my way through this narration instead and my friend and colleague K Rudolph very kindly gave it in my stead. This version has been updated to refer to the current location of the Web site.


Assessing and Auditing Internet Usage Policies     PPT      PDF -- April 2004 -- This lecture, delivered to the Institute of Internal Auditors meeting at Norwich University, looks at how one can evaluate policies for the appropriate use of e-mail and Web access in organizations of all types. There is a particularly intensive look at intellectual property issues in this presentation.

Cyberstalking & Cyberbullying   PPTX     PDF  -- April 2012 -- This overview was an invited lecture at the Our House Summit on Sexual Violence.

Computer Crime Review 2000    HTML     PDF  -- February 2001 -- This overview of major computer crime news of the year 2000 was an invited lecture at the Cybercrime Summit of the American Society for Industrial Security.     

INFOSEC UPDATE    PDF   -- March 2001 -- This two-day workshop was held as a pre-conference review at the e-ProtectIT Conference organized at Norwich University, Northfield, VT.  The notes were produced directly from the IYIR (INFOSEC Year in Review) database and cover events across the entire field of information security from January 2000 through March 2001.

INFOSEC UPDATE     PDF -- March 2002 -- This two-day workshop was held as a pre-conference review at the e-ProtectIT Conference organized at Norwich University, Northfield, VT.  The notes were produced directly from the IYIR (INFOSEC Year in Review) database.

INFOSEC UPDATE     PDF -- January 2006 -- This two-day workshop was held at the Rome Research Labs in New York under the auspices of Syracuse University.

INFOWAR: Introduction to Cyberwarfare -- March 2016 -- delivered to Vermont National Guard.     PPTX     PDF

Internet Monitoring and Filtering: Technology, Law & Policy    PDF -- November 2000 -- Science & Technology: Policy Issues for the Millennium -- Glens Falls, NY

Introduction to Intellectual Property Law     PPT (26 MB)    PDF (6 MB) -- Four-hour intensive workshop for IA instructors. Delivered in pre-conference Bootcamp at 13th Colloquium on Information Systems Security Education (CISSE) on Sunday 31 May 2009 in Seattle, WA. This edition has no narration, in contrast with the MSIA version.

Le rôle des gestionnaires contre l'espionnage industriel     PPT (5 MO);      PDF couleur (425 KO);      PDF n&b (645 KO) -- février 2006 -- Cettre présentation a été donnée le 17 février 2006 à Montréal à l'occasion de la conférence «La Boule de Cristal du CRIM» (Centre de recherche industriel de Montréal). Une entrevue avec moi de Jérôme Plantin se trouve ici en PDF et à l'origine sur son blog.

Making Sense of Statistics in Information Security     PPT     PDF -- One-hour overview of fundamentals of applied statistics. Delivered at ISSA Hartford, CT meeting Tuesday, June 16, 2009.

Network World Germany Security Conferences -- December 2001 (Munich)
February 2002 (Dusseldorf) -- Bugs, Flaws and Features     PDF -- This lecture reviews current problems with bad design and bad implementation of security-related features in today's software.  In particular, the lecture focuses on spyware, scumware, non-viral pests, denial of service and Windows XP vulnerabilities.

Network World Symposia -- May - July 2001 -- News from the Front:  The Changing Face of Information Security     PDF -- This keynote speech was repeated in Toronto, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Dallas, Washington, New York, Boston and Munich at one-day symposia.  The lecture reviews the current problems we face in INFOSEC today and makes some suggestions for long-term improvement.

Phishing     PPT      PDF -- November 2004 -- This lecture was delivered to the New England Chapter meeting of the Information Systems Security Association on 16 Nov 2004 at the Volpe Center in Cambridge, MA. It looks at the growing problem of fraudulent e-mail & Web scams that trick victims into revealing confidential information that can then be abused by criminals.

Protecting Data at Rest     PPT (1 MB)      PDF (500 KB) -- October 2007 -- Delivered to ISSA Hartford Chapter. With slides contributed by Dan Lohrmann, CISO of the State of Michigan. Topics:

  • The Fundamental Attributes of Information
  • What are Data at Rest?
  • Why is Encryption Essential?
  • Loss of Control over Unencrypted Data
  • Full-Disk Encryption
  • Management Challenges
  • Operational requirements
  • Key Management and Recovery
  • Managing Encrypted Backups

Rational Risk Management: Balancing Costs and Benefits of Security Measures     PPT (1.5 MB)      PDF (700 KB) -- July 2006 -- Delivered to a Cybersecurity Conference for school IT administrators at the Vermont National Guard Armory in Northfield, VT. Covers basics of risk assesmment, quantitative risk assessment, and qualitative methods for rational resource allocation.

Resources for INFOSEC Educators    PDF -- March 2001 -- This short lecture was delivered in response to an invitation from the Federal Information Systems Security Educators' Association (FISSEA) to repeat the previous year's review of resources for keeping up with information security.  This material later became the basis for a paper on security resources published in the Information Security Magazine and available from the Security Management section of this Website.

Social Psychology & INFOSEC      PPT (1 MB)      PDF (500 KB) -- July 2008 -- Delivered to ISSA Baltimore Chapter. Includes updated slides with more illustrations than older versions.



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