CJ341A Lectures Fall 2013

MS-PowerPoint files (PPTX) distributed as PDF notes during classroom lectures. Useful for study and review; however, as of Fall 2011, I have abolished Death by PowerPoint and now mostly conduct discussions with occasional videos to enliven the three-hour course sessions.

Supplementary materials and links also posted here.


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Updated 2012-10-21

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*01 Introduction       PPTX        PDF

       01 Law & Order: "Virus" -- Questions to Think About       PDF

       01a Law & Order: "Virus" -- Notes       PDF

       01 Law & Order: "Virus" -- Notes       PPTX

*01 CyberLaw I Web-Based Training (2004) from the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA). Description from CD-ROM cover: "The CyberLaw I Web-based Training and Computer-Based Training (WBT/CBT) course begins with an introduction to Internet operations. DoD lawyers will gain an increased ability to recognize and properly analyze legal issues in Cyberspace. The first module, Basic Internet, provides a basic understanding of the Internet and how it works, a brief history of the Internet, Internet terminology, and the basic tenets of Information Assurance. The second module, Law in Cyberspace, defines computer crime, discusses the First and Fourth Amendments, and presents statutory considerations to be applied during investigations. This module also discusses four fairly distinct roles or 'lanes in the road' pertinent to Computer Network Defense. CyberLaw is a complex and rapidly changing field. References are provided throughout the course for lawyers to follow evolving areas of the law in Cyberspace." Download 58MB ZIP file. Install in a folder on your hard drive using the folder names in the ZIP file and then open index.html in the main directory.


*02 Crime        PPTX        PDF

       02 Computer Crime, Introduction to        PDF

       02 Crime, Use of Computers in       PDF

       02 Brief History of Computer Crime        PDF

       02 On Writing        PDF

       02 Glossary of Computer-Crime Terms        PDF

*03 Unauthorized Access and Denial of Service       PPTX        PDF

*04 Identity Theft       PPTX        PDF


*05 Child Pornography       PPTX        PDF

05 GAO Report 03-272 COMBATING CHILD
PORNOGRAPHY (Nov 2002)      PDF

05 DOJ Legislative Proposal: Child Pornography and Obscenity Prevention Amendments of 2006.  (Apr 2006)      PDF

*06 Indecency and pornography       PPTX        PDF


*07 Fraud using the Internet       PPTX        PDF

*08 Cyberstalking, Spam & Defamation       PPTX        PDF


*09 Intellectual Property       PPTX        PDF

       09 Narrated introduction to IP Law from MSIA Program (108 MB)       ZIP

       09 Seven Reasons Not to Steal Software, Music, Games, or Videos        PDF

*10 Patents       PPTX        PDF


*11 Trade Secrets       PPTX        PDF

*12 Copyright and Fair Use       PPTX        PDF

12 United States Copyright Office -- Copyright Basics        PDF

*13 Programs and Digital Media       PPTX        PDF

*14 Copyright & the Internet       PPTX        PDF

       14 "I'll be Missing You" song by Puff Daddy using digital sampling from Sting's "Every Step You Take"       MP3 for use as illustration in lecture 14      (4.76 MB)


*15 Trademarks & DNS       PPTX       PDF

*16 Investigation & Prosecution of Computer Crime: Intro       PPTX        PDF

      16 Warriors of the Internet amusing (slightly cheesy, tongue-in-cheek) animated video explaining TCP/IP; posted with permission of copyright owners      73 MB MPG


*17 Search Warrants       PPTX        PDF

*18 Warrantless Seizures of Evidence        PPTX        PDF

18 Border Searches of Electronic Devices       PDF


*19 Electronic Crime Scene Investigation        PPTX        PDF

19 DOJ -- Electronic Crime Scene Investigation: A Guide for First Responders (2nd edition, April 2008)      PDF

19 DOJ --  Searching and Seizing Computers and Obtaining Electronic Evidence in Criminal Investigations (July 2002)       Index added May 2009   PDF

*20 Analysis of Evidence        PPTX        PDF

*21 Use of Seized Materials & Results        PPTX        PDF


*22 Legal Issues in Unauthorized Access        PPTX        PDF

*23 Legal Issues in Computer Fraud and Spam        PPTX        PDF

*24 Legal Issues in Intellectual Property Violations        PPTX        PDF

25 Legal Issues in Search and Seizure Issues        PPTX        PDF


26 Legal Dimensions of Anonymity and Encryption        PPTX        PDF

27 International Developments        PPTX        PDF

      27 Ghost Plane 2006 Democracy Now discussion of extraordinary rendition with author of expository book      27 MB MP3

      27 The Maher Arar Case Democracy Now discussion of extraordinary rendition with attorney for Maher Arar -- segment starts at 14'56"     27 MB MP3


28 U.S.A.P.A.T.R.I.O.T. Act        PPTX        PDF

29 NSA Wiretapping       PPT        PDF

30 Whistleblowers       PPT        PDF


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